Mountain Top Men's Conference

I Will Praise You on the Mountain Top

Pali Mountain Retreat Center

30788 Hwy 18, Running Springs, CA

October 1 - 3, 2021

 "But, As For Me..."

We are coming out of a historic time of seclusion and isolation. As men we’ve had to make many changes, adjustments and choices in our personal life, family life, vocational life, and our spiritual Life.
At every turn men are being challenged to make choices that will affect every aspect of their life and family.
We’ve all experienced at least one of these challenges during Covid time. They are decisions concerning our marriage, family, finances, health, friendships, and even fellowship with other believers.
Throughout the Word of God, we notice the phrase “But, as for me…” or “As for me…” in many different life situations. We see that the author finds himself in a position that is challenging him to make a decision.
Either he will respond in the flesh, according to the world, culture and time that he is living in. Or, he will respond in a way that is in obedience to God’s Word and God’s Spirit, in a way that will not only keep himself in right standing with the Lord, but will also bring honor and glory to God.
This retreat is for the purpose of building new relationships and strengthening old ones. God desires for us to be united in our fellowship and our worship of Him. This time on the mountaintop is designed to do just that.
This men's event is open to any and all Men's Ministries in So. Cal. who want to get stronger in the Lord and find unity with your brothers in Christ.


Pastor Dan Dutch

Dan is the Lead Pastor of Desert Reign Church in Downey, CA

Pastor Earl Coley

Earl is Lead Pastor of Grace Assembly in Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Peter Hernandez

Peter is a Pastor and the Leader of "Men of Action" Men's Ministry at La Palma Christian Center in La Palma, CA

Pastor Larry Rodriguez

Larry is Associate Pastor and leader of the "Watchmen" Men's Ministry of Desert Reign Church in Downey, CA. He is also on the Executive Men's Ministry Board for the So. Cal. Network AG.

  • If you pay the complete Retreat fee by Wednesday September 15th, 2021

  • If you pay between September 16th and September 30th
    which is the deadline to register.


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